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This can be anything done to correct imperfections in the appearance of the mouth. Many imperfections in the smile can be fixed through cosmetic prodedures.  The color, alignment, spacing as well as regularity of the teeth are the characteristics that give the overall appearance. Any of these can be repaired to give a stunning look to the mouth.

We offer a wide variety of cosmetic options. Some of these options are whitening, smile design, recontouring of the shape of the teeth, veneers, bonding, and all ceramic/porcelain crowns.

WHITENING                                                                                                                                               This is the procedure of making teeth whiter, and therefore more attractive. Our office uses the tray method involves having impressions taken from which laboratory fabricated custom vinyl trays are made. A carbamide peroxide gel is placed in these trays and the trays with gel are worn for about 1 hour each day.  The treatment can take 1-3 weeks depending on the frequency of the tray wearing.  For maintenance of whitened teeth the trays should be used every several months.

A Veneer is a porcelain facing which is made to cover the visible portion of the tooth.  Veneers can be used to repair teeth that have large chips.  They can be used to change the color and shape of teeth.  And they can be used to improve the appearance of teeth that are slightly crooked.

The advantage of veneers versus crowns is that much less tooth material is removed, and the procedure is generally less uncomfortable.

ORTHODONTICS                                                                                                                                     As it concerns cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics can be used to straighten the teeth and close spaces.  We perform a range of orthodontic procedures in our office including INVISALIGN.  We also work closely with orthodontic specialists allowing us to coordinate treatment for even the most difficult cases.                                                    

METAL FREE RESTORATIONS                                                                                                        All of the fillings and virtually all of the crowns placed in our office are now metal free.  This provides a higher level of esthetics, and also eliminates potential problems associated with metal allergies.  Most of our crowns and veneers are made in our office while you wait with CEREC CAD/CAM technology.  This gives us complete control and immediate feedback regarding color and shape of the crown or veneer being placed.  If the color of shape happens to be a poor match, we can fix the problem right away without having to make another appointment.

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